April 25, 2017 Bill ODonnell

Drone and new drone authorizations in Las Vegas

It’s been a few months since a post, and I keep saying that I need to continue to post more; but life itself has just continued to get busier and busier. There is some good news though. As we mentioned earlier in the year, we got authorization to fly drones at night nationwide in certain airspace. So, naturally we’ve done a few different jobs with night flying since then and they’ve come out beautifully. One of the more recent authorizations we received was one to fly down on the Las Vegas strip, only .91 miles away from the runway at McCarran Airport, which is in Class Bravo airspace. This is huge, because I don’t think anyone else had received the same authorization as of this posting. Expect to see some great things coming up for drone flights!

Don’t worry, the still photography and other ground production is still within our business plan, it’s just that the drone stuff has been blossoming even further and caused us to focus a little more on getting legal and safe aerial shots for our clients. We’ve also added a new drone to the fleet, almost half taking a step back considering our other stuff we have, but decided to get a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, and I love it.

Now, obviously there is tremendously better stuff we’ve already been flying for drones (Matrice 600 with Arri Mini or RED) or some of our other larger systems for major productions, but the Phantom 4 Pro, at least for small scale use has some incredible imagery. It has a 1 inch full frame sensor that just sucks in light, along with a 20 megapixel still camera that captures some beautiful shots, it really has a place with the rest of the drone fleet for specific shoots.

For drone productions in Las Vegas and around the world, we’ll always choose the right drone to carry the camera or the capability you need. I’ll leave you now with this shot I took with the Phantom 4 Pro.

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