September 11, 2016 Bill ODonnell


Just finished up another year at InterDrone, one of the premiere drone conferences here in Las Vegas. This year it was held at the Paris hotel down on the strip, unlike last year when it was held at the Rio. I must say, this year wasn’t that impressive as far as the companies there. The focus was naturally on hardware that a lot of people were selling; such as new drones for companies to buy, new batteries, new simulators and new training. Other than that, there wasn’t much of a WOW factor from anyone.

One thing that was particularly cool was a product from Epson (yes the printer company) that was an augmented reality display glasses, much like Google Glass. The glasses allowed you to keep the drone in Line of Sight (LOS) but also have an overlayed FPV view for you to see the video. Epson had teamed with DJI in order to get the app working properly together and overall it was a great product. Brother (yes, the sewing machine and printer company) also had their own attempt at a display piece, with a small device that flips down over just one eye and gives the video to that one eye. This was not as impressive and overall I was not a big fan of that product.

More to come on some other bits of technology out there and different projects I am currently working on.

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